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There is a little balloon flying straight towards the stars. It kind of knows that it won’t ever reach the stars, because that’s just an impossible thing to do but it figures it got nothing to lose so it just flies right on.

Once there were more balloons around. They were a rainbow of colors all around the little balloon – bright white, sunny pink, luscious green, blazing orange, sky blue and so much more. They all flew beside our little balloon, all striving towards the stars. The impossible far away shining stars. They all figured it might be worth a try reaching those bright lights sparkling above them.

But the further they all flew the fewer they became. Some got tangled up with each other and decided to abandon their flight towards the shining dots. Others just gave up and tumbled back down to earth. And some just disappeared. Our little balloon also thought about giving up. Or instead tangling with another balloon maybe. But they all were so strange and really, in the end it was easier to just keep moving on.

Sometimes the little balloon sees a few of the others. From a distance it can’t help but watching and sometimes it even wishes that things might be different. That it could just be satisfied with seeing the stars but never being able to touch them. They say we still the bright lights of the stars even though they might already be long gone. But what’s life without hope? The other balloons didn’t understand it. They told our little balloon that it was strange and its mission slow suicide. But our little balloon disagreed.

The only thing worse than failing is never trying in the first place. Not challenging the odds. Like all the other balloons our little friend knows all the impossibilities and all the risks and everything. But it never stopped believing in miracles. So it flies on. Still keeps getting closer to that bright sparkles in the sky. Because our little balloon was set free carrying a wish with him. A wish from the person who let it soar into the sky.

“Reach the stars”, it was told and it keeps carrying on. I like to think it still does, even though that might be impossible. But what’s life without dreams?

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