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There once lived somebody in some place somewhere on this world. And that somebody somehow ended up dreaming this big huge something. A dream that somehow seemed impossible. But that somebody couldn’t manage it to shake it off.

Dreams do have a nasty habit of never really going away. No matter how much you ignore them, deny them, curse them or pretend they never existed in the first place. Somebody had to learn this the hard way: Some dreams just never let you go.

So somebody had to decide: Let that dream become a bitter regret of a nobody that was too afraid to even try – or maybe die fighting to achieve more than anyone ever thought possible? There were some odds of course. What if somebody lost his way like before? What if something evil lurked in the unknown darkness of the future? And what if…so many possible obstacles waiting ahead – but the biggest one was also somehow quite simple: What if somebody simply could not do it?

What if – the one question that can kill you. The burning question that determines everything, past and present alike: What if I’d done it differently? What if I will do it wrongly? But actually there is only one question ever worth answering: Will I ever be able to forgive myself if I do not try it? So somebody decided that some things are worth doing even if they fail. Even if failure is inevitable.

So somebody picked up some long dared dream and moved forward. Curiously enough, right at that moment, somewhere at some other place in the world – someone decided the same and started moving, too. It took some time but then somehow, something seemingly impossible happened: Two dreams collided. And somebody ended up changing someone’s life forever.

Sometimes all you need is somebody believing. Or somebody leaving. Or somebody new. Or all of the above and then some more. All it takes is somebody who starts something. So why not somebody like you?

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