English Liebe


Silence is always an answer even if we refuse to hear it. Sometimes not saying anything speaks volumes – louder than any shouted word. And sometimes silence hides all that you don’t dare to speak. Until if feels like your silence is choking you.

There are so many words behind my silence. So many things I would like you to know. “I miss you” – “I hope you are okay” – “I wish things were different” – “I want you back in my life” – but there is no point in shouting them into this empty room. So I keep silent and look up to the stars, wondering if maybe you see them too? If maybe you sometimes wish there could be more than silence?

Silently we walked away

Words can be cruel and hurt more like any physical blow. A silly joke can get out of hand and become the knife that stabs you right through the heart. And sometimes “sorry” just isn’t enough. So instead of talking, you turn silent and slowly walk away, hoping they will stop you all the while knowing they won’t. Silence is a cruel, and yet comforting friend.

Silently I will always miss you

I wonder if you do sometimes think of me. If you wish things could be different. If you miss me too? I have no idea where you wandered off to – like me it seems, you just kept walking. There is no real point in looking back I know. And it probably is fine the way things are right now. But still…I miss you. And wish there was a way to break the silence.

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