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Everyone has something that is very important to them. Maybe it’s money, maybe success or maybe love. But what if it really is not important at all? What if it’s just an idea someone else put in your consciousness a long time ago.

We all grow up learning certain things. Things that we learn to accept as given, as common knowledge. Society teaches us that only beautiful and successful people are happy. If you can’t be pretty at least make a lot of money. Money is important if you want to be someone. You need it to buy things, improve things and earn respect. Money means success and those two are the key-features everyone should at least attempt to get. If you don’t you are just a loser. And what about love? What about freedom? Sometimes I think we’ve forgotten all about them.

What is love?

Sure…everyone wants to be loved. Everyone wants to find someone special. Though in my experience there mostly isn’t much difference between having a partner and owning a car. It’s just something we need to have. Because…we just do. Alone is the same as not having any money – it labels you a loser. And no one wants to be a loser. Maybe I am cynical because to me love and romance are not necessarily combined. Or maybe it’s because I just don’t understand love all that good.

What is important?

But this text is not about love – it’s about importance. About all those important things that actually mean jack shit. I read an article once, that listed the top wishes people have on their deathbed. None wished for more money or missed their work – in fact most of them wished they hadn’t spent so much time working and worrying over money and focused on what’s really important in life: Spending time with the people we love. Appreciate them more. Maybe even loving them a little more.

What is love again?

Yes, I am back to love. But it still isn’t really my point – it’s the importance of it in our daily life. I am not sure how you see this, but my world has been very small for a far too long amount of time. It was limited to going to work, going home, eating and falling asleep. Maybe play a few games and write a little in between. There hasn’t been much love for a while. And now there might be – not the romantic one but the one that you only see if you allow yourself to look, and it has turned the daily routine into a prison. Maybe that prison was always there but now I see it. Now I feel it – and now, all I want is to escape it.

What if it’s not important at all?

Importance is something that can shift. All a homeless person cares about, is getting food or booze and finding a safe place to sleep, finding shelter for one more day. All a “normal“ person cares about is earning money and building a home, maybe even a family. All a CEO cares about is making money. And all I care about is getting away. Away from this routine. Away from this country. Away from myself. And that hasn’t changed in a while.

What does freedom mean?

So what about love? What about freedom? Does anyone ever really think of those? I don’t know. I probably don’t even know what they truly mean. But I guess it’s really true what they say: You need to find your own path in life. The one that makes you happy. Everything else is just make-believe.

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