English Gesundheit Leben

Phantom Pain

Everyone has their own dragons to slay, their own mountains to climb and their own pits to crawl out of. Sometimes you can offer your hand to help them but mostly all you can do is watch and wait. And sometimes that feels even more painful than getting hurt yourself.

If you care about someone you never want them to feel hurt. You want to spare them from any possible pain. But that’s not how life works. In reality, life will knock you down hard and punch you in the face for good measure. All you can do is pick yourself up and carry on. And though it gets easier with someone beside you, it also gets almost more painful when the blow hits someone you care about.

Sometimes the pain hurts you more because it’s not hurting you. It’s not something you can deal with, not something you can overcome. You can offer your help, your time, your advice, but in the end it’s not your dragon to slay, not your mountain to climb and not your pit to crawl out of. And maybe that’s good because we all grow on our failures as much as we do from our victories. But still…sometimes you just wish you could lift that weight from someone’s shoulders and carry it yourself.

Everyone can only ever save her- or himself. In the end we all must fight our own battles. But still…I wish I could take your pain away. I wish I had the power to make you stop hurting yourself and everyone around you. But I can’t. It’s not my dragon to slay no matter how much I wish it was. So all I can do is hold out my hand and wait for you to take it. It’s that phantom pain we carry for all of those we love.

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