I miss you. Everything about you. I miss your laugh and our silly little jokes. I miss how you made everything a little brighter, made the world look a little less scary and almost made me believe in the impossible again. I know this doesn’t change anything but I do miss you. I miss you so much.

I miss you. It doesn’t make a difference I know that. It’s not going to change anything, but for a little while you made everything better. For a few precious moments you lifted the darkness and made it seem like there could be something else out there. And then just as quickly, you disappeared again.

I miss you. I know those words will remain unheard but I say them in my heart every day. I miss the way you made me smile and the way I made you laugh. You caught me by surprise and for the first time in a long while you made me feel something…more. You were not planned and never supposed to happen but somehow you still did. And for a while I almost believed we could save each other.

I miss you. This is not meant as a demand or a complaint. Just the truth. I don’t know what happened and why it did but it doesn’t really matter. I wish I could believe that you might come back but I know you won’t. This is not our story even if I wish it were. And I do, badly. Knowing that though doesn’t change the fact that I miss you and I wish I could tell you that. But I guess we have run out of time.

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