Missed (II)

“All men are pigs!”
“Well no, actually I am.”
He looks at me. “How so?”
“I could have had the sweetest, nicest and best guy of all. But I messed up & now he’s got a girlfriend.”
I sigh.
“What did you do?”
He frowns. “So why…”
“No”, I interrupt, “that’s precisely the problem. I didn’t do anything.”
“But that doesn’t make you a pig then.”
“No, it makes me stupid.”
I empty my coffee cup and get up.
He doesn’t add anything. Didn’t think he would.
So I just leave the kitchen and go back to my computer.
Sometimes I imagine his eyes on my back. But then again he does probably look at me from time to time. Just like he walks over for a chat.
It’s because he doesn’t know. The guy I was talking about – the sweet, drop dead gorgeous guy?
That’s him.

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