(c) cepolina.comSome dreams they never let you go
Every time on that damned bridge
I see you standing there with your sad smile
And I turn my head, but there is no one there now
Just the shadow of a memory lost so long ago

Some feelings you just can’t contain
I can still see you coming up that street
After all this time some part of me still hopes
That one day, some day
I might see you again

Sometimes the impossible becomes reality
I do remember everything
That loopsided smile stealing my heart
And somehow the little girl is still there
Holding on to something lost such a long time ago

Sometimes you just have to admit the impossible
I never quite recovered from it
Always searching for the ghost
Sorry to be so disturbing and so inconvenient, but I gotta say it
Just once I promise

I do you know
I always did and some part of me probably always will
So I am aware it’s too late, far too late.
But still I do. Love you.

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