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The queen of Maybe rules the kingdom of make-believe and pretends to not see it slowly falling apart. Make-believe consists of all the things that might happen. That could maybe come true. That would maybe save the queen from reality. When truly everything in make-believe is just something that helps the queen to survive another day.

The queen of Maybe sits on a throne of almost broken dreams. It’s a glassy throne full of cracks miraculously still standing somehow. Maybe it is a miracle. For hundred years the queen sat on that throne and watched the cracks grow a little deeper, still feeding on the hope that maybe it all isn’t as bad as it looks. She watched all the possibilities that might unfold and clung to the huge maybe inside of it all.

Who will love you?

Once upon a time the queen of Maybe was more than a statue frozen in time. She once had wanted so much more. But reality offered no maybes just the hard and cold facts of do or die. Reality told her that her dreams were silly little bubbles all destined to burst. That she needed to get down to earth and start making real decisions instead of wanting to chase clouds all the time. But the queen, she just wanted to fly.

Who will fight?

So the queen of Flying Dreams became what she is now. Maybe offers the comfort of possibly preventing a failure. Maybe it will all play out. But of course maybe it won’t. So instead of flying the queen tied herself down on a throne of glass, pretending to go along with the rest of reality. But she never stopped watching the skies. She never really gave up on those dreams. She still wants to be so much more than just a maybe but at the same time she is too afraid to move.

And who will fall far behind?

Sometimes the queen thinks she can see him, hidden somewhere in the clouds – the king of Beyond. A kingdom where dreams are more than just a maybe and hearts are still allowed to fly. Maybe he exists. Maybe he is waiting. But the queen will never know if she keeps holding on to the pieces of a shattered life all just held together by the fragile thought of maybe.

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