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Sometimes you try so hard to read between invisible lines, you fail to realize that those lines don’t even exist. You get caught up in a web of lines that weren’t there to begin with until it feels like all this lines are choking you. It could all be so easy, but you had to start thinking about it, didn’t you?

I wish I could stop thinking sometimes. Stop worrying. Stop getting upset about people who don’t give a shit. Stop caring about all the things I can’t really change. There are tons of people who seem to have no problem shutting off their brains and hearts, so why can’t I? Why can’t I just feel a little less and stop to question everything? Life would be so much easier.

Some people change their feelings in a heartbeat. One second you mean something and the next you cease to exist. And it’s supposed to be just a little fun, right? So just go and deal with it. It shouldn’t hurt, but it does. Especially when you wanted it so badly to be true, you ignored every warning sign and fell head over heels for an illusion.

Reality has a nasty habit of knocking you off your cloud and down on the ground so hard you feel bruised for months to come. Though I may act stupid from time to time, I am not – but sometimes I wish I was. Life would be so much easier. But no, I have to be me and even while I drag myself up I still feel more than I should about the illusion that pushed me down in the first place.

If they love you, you’ll know. And if they don’t you’ll always wonder.

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