Forgotten miracles

(c) D. Reichert

When we are young they tell us fairy tales. About basically everything that is there to know about this world. Everything is a miracle when you’re little. But with every moment that you grow older, the miracles become less. Until you realize, they have been lying to you all along.

Fairy tales really do only exist in dreams or as dreams written down in books.

There is a little girl and she is screaming furiously. So loud and persistent that sleep is no longer possible. Neither is thinking clearly most of the time. She screams because she feels betrayed by the woman she became. The girl was brave, fearless and strong. But then the grey people with their grey minds and hearts came and planted doubts everywhere.

“Why can you not be like the other girls?” – “Why can you not be normal?”

Until now. Now the lion within is suppressed by the mouse on the outside. The one who is worrying so much that she almost forgot about the girl.

Children don’t know rejection or judgment until they get rejected and judged. They don’t know how much it hurts to walk away or to let go. They meet the world fearless and brave – until the world beats back and knocks them off their feet. That’s when the children grow up and forget about the miracles. But this little girl is refusing to back down, not again.

Prince Charming does not exist, neither does the perfect princess. Humans are not made for perfection, even though we try so very hard.

Everyone takes a few blows, gets a few scars and burns along the way. But some of us let those bruises define them. There are only so many times you can hear that you should “behave” or “be normal” before you begin to doubt yourself. And as soon as you give in the doubts will start to define you.

There is a little girl rattling at the bars. So persistent that it has become impossible to hear anything else. Once the world was full of miracles, the sky full of castles and the nights full of dreams – now everything is defined by fear and doubts. Patient, they say, be patient. Be careful and think before you act. Well, the girl doesn’t want to, never did.

So all there is to do now is let her run free.

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