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You can be whoever you want to – as long as you keep in line. Of course you can dream big, but be realistic as well. There are no barriers as long as you remember to follow the rules. And what about freedom? That has never been anything but an illusion.

I am difficult. People have been telling me my whole life that I’m difficult. Too loud. Too shy. Too stubborn. Too umcompromising. Too much. Not enough. Difficult. So they told me that I „need to change my attitude“, if I wanted to succeed. But what is success really? “To be happy”, they said. But how can I be happy if I’m not allowed to be myself?

What everybody teaches you today – in kindergarten, in school, in university, in your job – and in every kind of mainstream media, is to stop asking questions. Children who ask too many question are told to shut up. Students who keep challenging their teachers get thrown out. If you don’t walk with the crowd, you’ll walk alone.

Society tells you to be a team player, a crowd pleaser, an entertainer – there is no room for dreamers or free spirits anymore. Most of us end up working too much and living far too less. Spending too much time obsessing about money they don’t have and things they don’t really need. All the while watching pictures and news and videos with all those beautiful or rich or powerful people that will never be us. Never asking questions because at some point we stopped wanting to have answers.

I am difficult, I believe I truly am. But all those people whose inspiring quotes you keep posting on Facebook or Twitter – all of them were difficult. The world needs difficult people now more than ever, because never questioning anything and starring at your smartphone all day, is not living. At least to me it’s not. So you can keep calling me difficult.

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