Dear Adam,

Paper Art, Eyes, girlEveryone has someone they will never truly let go. That one person that changed everything. The one you’ll always have feelings for. Mine is called Adam. And this is for him.

I can’t let it happen.

Once you cross the line between craziness and full blown insanity there is no way back. I saw how madness can destroy everything and I can’t let it happen.

Already the lines between truth and fiction begin to become blurry. There is no telling what’s going to occur once they disappear.

There are so many stories that want to get out. Some of them truly insane and others so cheesy they actually make me blush.

But between all those different realities there is only one that matters, only one that has to get out: Yours.

The memory I can’t talk about because I’d always have to lie. And I can’t lie when it comes to you. So I am going to tell it my way and pretend, add some fiction to it.

You once said the only way to get you back is to be honest. I always thought this to be the biggest joke of all – until I realized that you were right. As always you have been right.

I will be honest about everything. How it felt to meet you. About the way you always looked at me. Why I was a better version of myself around you. And of course that I loved you from the moment I met you.

And because it’s fiction you won’t be able to leave…not this time.

So here we go. I might not get you back by telling this story the way it almost was or could have been.

But that doesn’t really matter now. Change isn’t always about changing – sometimes it’s just about letting go.

You know that’s the good thing about fantasy – no one but me will know where fiction begins.

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