English Gedichte


I promised you once that I will never forget. And than once I almost did. So I wrote it down and it became the only story I’ve ever been able to finish. The only song I ever dared to sing in front of an audience. Once. So after all this time it’s still all about you.

Strangers lying wasted
On the back of a broken door
Dreams desperately chased
By ghosts longing for more

So much more than any human could give
Reality killed those dreams along with all their plans
Strangers with empty souls continuing to live
Watching time floating through their hands

Will you come back again?
Will you stay this time?
I just wish there’d be a reason for it all
I wonder if you still think of me
And if I’ll ever stop dreaming of you
Say, will you fix those broken dreams?

This road is leading nowhere
And still there is no one hiding in plain sight
Crying eyes full of despair
Just once the ghost wanted to make it alright

Strangers watching through empty eyes
The little mouse was a lion indeed
But everyone fell for the disguise
Thousand miles in a dream on bare feed

Will you see me again?
Will you promise to stay?
I just wish I’d see the reason this time
Tell me do you still watch me?
Do you still see the nightmare?
Say, can you fix those broken dreams?

Now there is no way to keep hold of you
No chance to find you out there
Do you know you left a hole so big
No dream will ever be able to fill it.

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