English Leben Liebe


…is you. And despite the bad poetry and cheesiness implied, it’s actually true: All I want in my life is you. This doesn’t mean one person in particular but many. The good people that make everything better. That make life worth living. So since this is a new year, that’s what I want for it: More of you.

You – who knows me

I want you who understands me when I’m not able to understand myself anymore. You, who never judges me even though I can get pretty insane sometimes. You, who knows me a lot better than most people do and I like to think that I know you just as well.

You – who lets me be myself

I want you, who always makes me feel like I am coming home. Because home is the one place where you can actually be yourself. Where you can laugh, make the worst jokes and remember all that shit which went down. And I like to think that still many adventures await us.

You – who brightens up each day

I want you, who keeps making my day. Who makes me smile whenever I hear your voice or read a text you typed. It’s good to have someone who does that, because every life need a little sunshine and you are mine.

You – who makess life interesting

I want you, who keeps challenging me. Who keeps pushing and expanding my limits. It’s not always easy to leave the old behind but it is necessary in order to grow sometimes. I like to think that we both help each other grow.

You – who will always be remembered

And finally…I want you. The one who will always be missing. I really like to think you are still there, somewhere and that someday, we’ll meet again.

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