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Sometimes you want something so badly you can almost taste it on your tongue. But every time you try to catch up to it, it seems to move further away. No matter how fast you run, how slow you move towards it – even if you try to trick it by going backwards – it always stays firmly out of reach. And still you can’t seem to give up on it just yet.

Maybe some dreams aren’t meant to be achieved. Maybe they just exist to keep you going. To trick you into thinking there actually is a purpose. Or maybe that’s just an excuse for all of us losers who fail to achieve our goals. But whatever it is it doesn’t stop hurting – it keeps its feet firmly planted in a door in the back of our minds which just won’t close.

So what is there to do but stare at the door from time to time, watch that dream and sigh? There are too many impossibilities here. Too many odds. Too many times people said you can’t – so why not just letting it go. But that’s just the thing isn’t it? Some dreams don’t go away. Especially those you can almost taste – even if they are a million universes away.

What can you do about a dream like that? There is no way to ignore it – no way to leave it. No way to walk past it. The answer is easy of course: You just have to try. And try again. And yet again. Until you reach a point where you can make peace with it. Or you die. You won’t regret trying and failing as much as you would the continued starting for the rest of your life.

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